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Bedrock Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery [v1.0.0]

This addon adds 15+ machines, including Drills, Oil Generators, Solar Panels, Quantum Quarry, Redstone Furnace, Pulverizer, and much more. All machines require a certain amount of power which is transferred to and from machines via a Power Distributor. The power in this addon is measured in FF (FluffyFuels). This addon is completely standalone but also has a version to work with Advanced Machinery if you want to play with both addons.


v1.0.0 Showcase



  • Item Pipe:
    Transfers items, can rotate, connect to other pipelines, and move vertically.
    Machines can accept items via these pipes
  • Item Sorter:
    Filters items. Choose between a specific item or a group of items to filter
  • Power Distributor:
    Transfers power to and from machines within a 35 block radius.
    Interact to view stored power
  • Drill Lv. 1 – -50 FF/10s:
    Mines a block under it every 10s
  • Drill Lv. 2 – -50 FF/8s:
    Mines a block under it every 8s
  • Drill Lv. 3 – -50 FF/6s:
    Mines a block under it every 6s
  • Drill Lv. 4 – -50 FF/4s:
    Mines a block under it every 4s
  • Quantum Quarry – -50 FF/10s:
    Generates a random ore every 10s
  • Basic Oil Generator – +80 FF/10s:
    Generates FF passively
  • Advanced Oil Generator – +120 FF/10s:
    Generates FF passively
  • Pulverizer – -80 FF/item:
    Duplicates and turns raw ores into pulverized ores
  • Redstone Furnace – -20 FF/item:
    Instantly cooks items, only cooks items that smokers and blast furnaces can cook (food, ores)
  • Solar Panel Lv. 1 – +15 FF/5s:
    Generates FF passively
  • Solar Panel Lv. 2 – +25 FF/5s:
    Generates FF passively
  • Solar Panel Lv. 3 – +35 FF/5s:
    Generates FF passively
  • Solar Panel Lv. 4 – +45 FF/5s:
    Generates FF passively



Recipes (don’t show up in the recipe book)

Item Pipe

Item Sorter

Power Distributor

Drill Lv. 1

Drill Lv. 2

Drill Lv. 3

Drill Lv. 4

Quantum Quarry

Basic Oil Generator

Advanced Oil Generator


Redstone Furnace

Solar Panel Lv. 1

Solar Panel Lv. 2

Solar Panel Lv. 3

Solar Panel Lv. 4


Pulverized Ores

Pulverized ores are created by the Pulverizer, they can be smelted in a furnace to produce their respective ingot. Pulverized ores include: Pulverized Iron, Pulverized Gold, Pulverized Copper


Supported Languages

This addon will not work unless your game language is set to any of the following languages!

English (US)

  • Full Support: ✓

Português (Brasil)

  • Chat Messages: ✓
  • Item & Block Names: ✓
  • UI: ✕

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia)

  • Chat Messages: ✓
  • Item & Block Names: ✓
  • UI: ✕


Advanced Machinery Edition

The Advanced Machinery Edition allows for the compatibility of this addon and Advanced Machinery. All machines will use the power core instead of the power distributor. If you are not playing with both this addon and Advanced Machinery, do not download this version! If you are downloading using the external link, select “Download Advanced Machinery Edition”


Turn on “Holiday Creator Features” and “Additional Modding Capabilities” In the world settings or the addon will not work!

This addon does NOT use player.json. It is compatible with any other addon!

creator: https://twitter.com/Fluffyalien1422



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