Infinity Strip Mine

This addon creates a strip mine at y level -40 that goes on forever.  The mine is wide, well lit, and has plenty of doors and side tunnels that will get you on the diamonds fast!


You don’t have to much to use this addon.  Simply activate it in your new world, or existing world, by adding the packs.  That’s it!  The mine will start off wherever you load in at y level -40 and it will grow as you move through the world.

Mine features a large main shaft and infinite numbers of side shafts (the main shaft will repeat infinitely as well).

This addon is 100% compatible with other addons and does not require experimental features.  Enjoy!

*** IMPORTANT – If you load in too many segments, too quickly, (like if you are flying around for example), you may experience some lag.  If that happens, just exit the world and rejoin and that should clear the memory.  


Just download the packs, install, and add to your world.  That’s it.

creator: TheMCD912


By aadhu

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