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Bedrock Instant Bridge

Instant Bridge

This add-on adds instant bridges which are generated by interacting with the instant bridge block. You can also activate and deactivate them whenever you want by interacting with the instant bridge block.


There are three sizes of instant bridges that you can easily craft from your inventory.

Short Instant Bridge: 16 blocks long.

Medium Instant Bridge: 32 blocks long.

Long Instant Bridge: 48 blocks long.


Crafting Recipes

Short Instant Bridge

Medium Instant Bridge


Long Instant Bridge



You can also find them in your inventory

To use them you just have to place it on the side of any block and then touch it (in mobile version) or right click.


If you want to make a chain of several bridges you must place a block between each one, otherwise it will not work.


If you are going to upload or review my add-on on Youtube or another website you do not have permission to share a direct link, please leave the official link to this page. 

Read LICENSE .txt

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