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Bedrock Interactive NPC’s v2

Interactive NPC’s v2

Have you seen the npc of big servers, that do multiple functions with a single click? Well, we try to bring something similar within the reach of all of you


The default npc in the game are incredible, but how about putting some that do not give lag and that you can change the skin whenever you want, with the same functionality as some server npc, that take you to the place you want with just one click . 

This is Interactive NPCs v2

This addon adds 3 new NPC’s at the moment, we will add many more in the near future.

They are blocks in the shape of players, and when interacting with them, either with a click or touch, they will execute the command(s) that you have put in the corresponding file of the NPC.

To put your commands, just go to the normal or slim.function file of the addon’s behavior pack. You can put up to 10 commands in the file. You can easily open it with any basic text editor.

To change the skin, just put your skin in the resource pack, and change the name just like the skin you are going to replace. If you did this right, there should be no problem with the skin change.

We have also added a normal NPC (default), but with the player model and with the possibility to change the skin as in the block NPC. Just follow the same skin change steps and enjoy your custom NPC.

Oh, I forgot… It has animation!

I’d appreciate credit if you use it, although it’s okay if you don’t, although it would help me a lot if you did.

Any questions or suggestions, you can leave it in the comments, I’ll be reading everything.


To get the NPCs run the commands:

/give @s gs:npc_normal
/give @s gs:npc_slim

Make sure you have these options activated for the addon work


creator: MikeGuy

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