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Bedrock Invasion Code Red Addon

Forming the bedrock of strategic challenge and resource management, Bedrock Invasion Code Red Addon is a turn-based real-time strategy video game addon for the popular gaming platform Bedrock.

The game can be enjoyed with friends through private or public lobbies, for a highly customizable experience. It supports up to eight players and the challenge of outwitting opponents is made more interesting through the addition of variety of resources. The game introduces a wealth of new strategies while playing along with old ones. Player’s have access to resources like gold, wood, food, stones and population to build viable bases. These resources can be used to build buildings and create armies to protect themselves and attack foes.

The game also has a trading feature. Players can use this marketable feature to trade resources with each other, depending on what other players need. This means that no single player will be able to dominate the game. Money can also be earned with successful military tactics, making the game even more interesting.

The game provides plenty of challenge for even the most experienced players. Its training mode allows players to develop their tactics and strategies. It can be enjoyed with any combination of over 120 unique units and buildings. Bedrock Invasion Code Red Addon is a must-play game for serious strategy game fans.

Invasion Code Red Addon


An add-on that adds more hostile and bosses into your game!

This add-on is still WIP and will receive

Updates so let me know if there are bugs I needed to fix

An add-on that adds hostile mobs and bosses into your world

Mob 1

Zombie cow has a chance of spawning naturally at dark areas

will slow you down if it hits you 

has more health and slower than the average zombie 


Mob 2

Zombie chicken can also spawn naturally and is weaker than a normal human zombie, but watch out, they are fast!


Mob 3 


Hound illager, this weird looking ravagers are fast and unpredictable! evokers has a low chance of spawning them so be carefull



Now here are the bosses, so spoiler alert!


Boss 1

Mother creeper, unlike any other creeper this one doesn’t explode, but it could summon normal creepers, still you need to be careful because it’s big hammer like head is ready to dunk you off

(This boss is still work in progress, it cannot spawn naturally in survival)

Health: 650

Attack dmg: 19

Unique abilities: creeper summoning



Boss 2

Spite wing is a powerful evoker that fused himself to a vex, they can fly and gets harder to hit when flying, he also carry their trusty legendary iron sword anytime

Health: 600

Melee dmg: 12

Spin attack dmg: 13

Unique abilities: can summon 9 vexes and will fly if you try to escape, they can also heal

Drops: 4 random enchantment books and 2 totem of undying, and sometimes his legendary iron sword



Boss 3

Revenger man is a super illager, he has super speed and strength and laser eyes, and the best part is he is also immune to anything! But wait how can we defeat him then???

Well… There are 2 ways, his weakness is copper!

Health: 780

punch Damage: 19

Kick damage: 25

Drops: book of immunity enchantment books and emeralds

Unique abilities: super punches and kicks, laser eyes, flying

Weaknesses: copper ingot.

You interact using copper ingot to revenger to damage him, you can also place copper blocks to scare him away for a little while

Boss 4 

Ravager Hunter 

Ravager Hunter is a stronger vindicator that can use a bow when your away, he has a pet ravager stonecutter to protect him

Health: 230

pet health: 200

melee dmg:  17

Pet melee dmg: 5

Unique abilities:

can block and switch weapons. It will transform into stonecutter man if it dies


Ravager Hunter phase 2 (STONECUTTER MAN!!)

Stonecutter man is powerful and fast, his speed and damage and defense varies based on what attack his performing,



contact dmg: 9 to 11

Melee dmg: 25 to 39

Drops: cuccita sword and stonecutter

Unique abilities: he can revive himself  5 times

they can also Burst attack to deal massive damage and Speedtackles 




The illagers mentioned above have a small chance on spawning in raids and mansions, there’s no way to properly control raid spawnings yet so sorry if it’s not guaranteed to spawn in every raids.

Hostile wand:

It’s an item that can make the all illager bosses in this addon hostile to anything, why? for mob battle purposes 🙂 (note, this item doesn’t work to other mobs and add-on)



Is an item that is as strong as diamond sword and can cut wood faster!

It can also give you Regen 2 when you hit an entity using it


creator: https://www.youtube.com/@exnd4125


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