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Bedrock Inverted Mobs Addon

Inverted Mobs Addon

There are different mobs in minecraft. Some are passive, some are hostile, some are friendly, some are not. What if their behaviors were swapped? This is exactly what this addon is about!


Inverted V1.0.0  


Pillager – The inverted Pillager can be tamed using a cookie and can also be bred using the same thing. It’ll attack any hostile mob (including the Pillagers). This “Pillager” will always be on your side and has a chance to drop crossbows when you sleep in a bed! It’ll also destroy a Pillager Outpost.  

Pig – You know the saying, “When pigs fly?” Let’s just say that now they do! They burn in daylight and have the ability to spawn pigs which follow it around everywhere. It does 360s and will attack you, killing you in one hit!  

Phantom – When you set this phantom free, it’ll fly 15 blocks per second. It doesn’t burn in daylight anymore and can be tamed with a cookie, but that will be hard to do!  

Zoglin – The Zoglin can now be ridden on! It will no longer turn into a hoglin in the overworld and will not attack you either. It’ll also destroy a Crimson Forest biome when entering it!

If You Want To Know More, Watch This Video:



Added the ability for you to spawn them in using eggs!


  1. Click the link and it’ll download instantly!

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQDWwZ7YdV_sVZ–XNW_NhQ


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