Invincibility Addon

This addon will make you invincible to any kind of damage in survival mode. It’s really useful if you want to enjoy the full Minecraft experience except for the ones which might kill you. Such as a suicidal creeper coming up from behind or accidentally falling of a mountain ledge and die. If you often find yourself in either of the mentioned situations or ones that are similar then this is an addon for you! 


How does it work?

The player is immune to any kind of damage. Here are some examples:

Burning: Walk through fire or go for a swim in some lava. Both seem impossible but no more! Now you can do both and never worry about losing health or dying.



Drowning: Swim underwater for as long you find it enjoyable. It’s great if you want to explore an underwater ocean monument more thoroughly without gasping for breath.


Mob attacks: No mob will no longer be able to hurt you. They will still try but their attempts lead nowhere.


Fall damage: Jump down huge mountains!


Explosions: Creepers are no longer a threat. Sure, they can still destroy your builds but they will never again be able to hurt you physically.


  • Updated to be compatible with Minecraft Bedrock v1.17.30.
  • Added a brand new skin pack: IDDQD Steve and IDDQD Alex.
  • Now hiding all unnecessary UI elements (health, armour, hunger/saturation, bubbles/air).

By aadhu

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