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Bedrock Invincible Addon || Armors And Sword || Make Yourself Invincible

Invincible Addon || Armors And Sword || Make Yourself Invincible


Wants some superpowers or fun in Minecraft? You are at right place! In this addon there are armors and sword that can make you invincible/immortal in other words these can make you undieable. So lets know about them.


There are totals 5 items, 4 armor pieces and 1 sword.

If you are using armor without helmet then you will not get effects but you will get enough protection that cant let you die so when using armor wear a helmet.

Pics of armor and sword

These armors and tools have highest durability , attack damage and protection.

Sometimes leggings skin may glitch.


You will get all minecraft effects on wearing helmet or holding sword.


And you will get 500+ hearts after wearing helmet or holding sword.


A single power you can one hit anyone.


Repairs are kind of weirds but works.

Extra ingame screenshots:

Invincible Sword Have 9999 Damage.

Thanks For Reading.

You are not allowed to modify my addon and publish it anywhere you can modify for personal use ,if you are sharing it 

give link not direct link and you are not allowed to re-upload this addon or creating your own link.



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