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Bedrock Invisibility Helmet

Invisibility Helmet

a simple addon that adds one more small utility to the echo fragments to create an invisibility helmet. It’s a simple craft that only needs echo shards, glass, and an invisibility pose. This helmet gives the player invisibility this one has a durability of 500and a protection of 7

This helmet is very useful since enemies ignore you when you have it on, or in multiplayer mode you can troll your friends. It also serves as a complementary addon for other addons, or addons packs. You can find the recipe in the recipe book so it will be easy for you to make it 

here is the recipe for the helmet

and here how the invisibility helmet works in the game

enjoy the addon and please do not use links that are not on the page

creator: Kicho117

added images in game

crafting was added to the crafting table


enable experimental features and install behavior and resource packs correctly


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