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I just had a random idea one afternoon while watching Iron Man 3 and so I added the infamous Mark 42 suit into the game. The suit that splits into different pieces  and flies towards Tony Stark and can also function on it’s own without Tony being in the suit. Tutorial included in a YT video down at the bottom if you don’t want to readYes you can wear the armor and yes it can separate into different pieces and fly to you. Important Note: This addon is in it’s BETA stage! More features coming IN THE FUTURE!


Make sure to activate “Experimental Gameplay” option and “Activate Cheats”


Type “/function 42” in the game to start.

After that you should have these two items. A “Mark 42” spawn item and a “Suit Activator” item.

Use the “Mark 42” item to place the suit down.

Use the “Suit Activator” item to make the suit pieces combine and after that you’ll be given this item. “Suit Auto Mode” item.

“Auto Mode” makes the suit follow you around, fight for you and defend you.
If you want to wear the armor. Unequip “Suit Auto Mode” and long press on the suit.


After you long press on the suit without holding anything, you should be given this “Call Suit” item which if you hold and long press, will make the suit pieces fly and attach to your body.


After the pieces have attached, you have this “Remove Suit” option if you want to remove the suit.

After you use the “Remove Suit” item, you can choose if you want “Auto Mode” or “Call Suit” again.


Iron Man Tutorial + Trailer Here!


(Addon Import Tutorial)

(Addon Import Tutorial)



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1. Do not republish this addon as your own or modify it’s contents without my consent.


2. If you want to use this addon in other works including but not limited to videos and maps. Please give credit to the creator (me)


3. As said in rule 2 when giving credit. Please link to this  page and not the direct Mediafire link. Thanks.


4.THIS ADDON IS SPECIFIC, no other sites can distribute it unless I upload it myself.



-Minor issues with file verifications. Nothing too serious. Enjoy the addon!


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creator: https://twitter.com/EYEBAGS2020


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