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Bedrock Java Skeleton

Java Skeleton

This addon took me a lot of work to make. I spent 4 months researching how to make the rock skeleton like the Java skeleton, but I never found any page or video tutorial about it.  

So I decided to make my own addon in the Legacy Skeleton version and well…. Here it is:  

-The Skeleton is similar to the Java and Legacy version.


Java Skeleton.


Showing it with images is not going to describe the skeleton well.
So there is a sample video to show its movement.


-Moves similarly to the Legacy or Java version.

-Shoots like the Java or Legacy version.

-The loot is of a normal skeleton.

-The Bedrock Skeleton is still in the game but will not appear in the world.

-It will appear as a normal Skeleton.

-Added a sound when the Skeleton shoots.

-The animation of the skeleton was also corrected.

                                                                                        The animation of the skeleton was also corrected.



If the Rock Skeleton kills the following message will appear:

“Vex has shot a”.

Why is this? This is because I have used Vex’s AI to bring this Skeleton to life..



Sample video:




-Updated the skeleton behavior and added a new download link to fix bugs.



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