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Bedrock JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stand Disc V2.0

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stand Disc V2.0


 A new JoJo’s bizarre Adventure Add-on! Use disc to summon your own stand!!! This add-on including a lot of stands. This addon is based on stand disc 1.0.Before you play stand disc series, please add stand disc 1.0first(Add all the stands into one addonpack would Cause Caton because this addon was made of all kinds of commandsso we divided it into two adoon packs) .



stand introduction

king crimson

skills:barrage,hand knife,epitaph,delete time

epitaph:Predict the future location of the enemy(Black particle special effect form display)

if you use epitaph and then use delete time,creatures would appear in the particle locations

delete time:Add slow effect to all creatures,Users are invincible and invisible,But users cannot attack,Use the attack skill to end delete time in advance


skills:Cinderella,remove Cinderella


Cinderella:add lucky effect

planet waves

skills:Meteorite fragment,Summon meteorite,Summon three meteorites

Made in heaven(new)

skills:hand knife,speed impact,Acceleration time

the following stands are preparing!


Stand disc 2.0 is created for educing game jams. This is an addon totally made with commands .So we divide into two parts.


the file form has changed into .mcaddon which could import directly.

creator: 蜜桃不是屁桃


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