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Bedrock JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stand Disc

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stand Disc

 A new JoJo’s bizarre Adventure Add-on!Use disc to summon your own stand!!!      This add-on including a lot of stands. Such as :Star Platinum,the world,crazy diamond,killer queen and so on.Just using a CD could let you summon your stand! Hope you will find some entertainment in our add-on!



I’m pretty glad to introduce our add-on for you here.

      This add-on was made by Clown_lmp from Bilibili. And has been authorized by the creator!

      In general,we got a plenty number of stand in this add-on.So you will have various experience.

      The only way to own a stand is to get a stand_disc(awaking cd).Hold your stand disc for nearly three second then you could summon your stand.

And it was pretty easy to remove your stand just by using a remove CD(could get it by kill npc)


Stand introduction

Star Platinum

Skills:barrage,time stopping (5s)

The world

Skills:Barrage,time stopping (9s)

Magic red 

Skills:Flame rope,Cross flame hurricfire,Flame fist

Killer queen

skills:The first bomb,ignite,Wither piercing attack

Crazy diamond


Weather report

Skills:weather changing,Lead thunder

The hand

Skills:Teleport,drag creature,remove creature



And more stands were waiting for your exploration!such as: harves,empire,anob_god,justice,etc.

All those disc could be compounded in survival mode!(but expensive)

And we  added a few NPCs.

Hope you  enjoy  this add-on!

creator: 蜜桃peach


Added the introduction of composite table.That’s really all the content is.


Just download the behavior pack and resource pack, and put them into your Minecraft files. When creating a new world you need to add this add-on so that it could work normally.



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