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Bedrock Jollibee Addon

Jollibee Addon

Are you thinking about building a Jollibee restaurant in minecraft? Well here is a perfect addon for your minecraft. Jollibee addon has some features like new items, new entities and more for your Jollibee restaurant. You can also play this addon with your friends in multiplayer mode. 


Features in this addon:

Retextured blocks:

  • Some blocks here are retextured to make it looked similar in the Jollibee texture

Retextured Paintings



Crew Worker


  • Has own spawn egg 
  • Entity name for summoning: jollibee:crew_worker
  • You can trade withem using a dollar for food



  • Has own spawn egg 
  • Entity name for summoning: jollibee:jollibee 
  • He can just walk around and stare at you

Red Chair

Function :

  • Has own spawn egg 
  • Entity name for summoning: jollibee:red_chair
  • You can sit on them




In this addon there are some bugs like missing skins, entity won’t spawn and more. If encounter one of this bugs report it to me. 


How to download the Addon

  1. Download the mcaddon 
  2. Import it to minecraft
  3. Enjoy! 

creator: https://www.youtube.com/user/slerualeth



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