JUST BIOME 2: New Experience

Hanya bioma sekarang tidak hanya menggunakan balok vanila sebagai objek medan! Dunia akan menjadi lebih indah dengan blok khusus. coba addon ini sebelum saya mengubahnya menjadi addon berbayar di pembaruan berikutnya…

Relax, if you download this addon I will not change this addon to a paid addon.

Just biome is a bedrock Minecraft addon focused on exploration and biomes.

This addon is still under development, I still have a lot to fix, and there are still a lot of vanilla biomes that I haven’t recreated yet. In the future, I will add more biomes and structures and maybe also add new blocks to make playing Minecraft more fun.

After a lot of time I spent experimenting with minecraft addons, finally the second version of just biome has been released. Although, it’s still not completely finished at the moment.. but that’s okay because it doesn’t affect the gameplay much. In the future, I will continue to update until it’s finished.

In this 2.0 update, I not only use vanilla blocks in minecraft as terrain objects in biomes, but I added new blocks to beautify the environment. You can see it in the screenshot below

Click here



And here is the list biome and structure in this mod (not many)

  • Plains

In plains biome you can found lot of tallgrass and large giant trees

  • Forest

Now forest biome is filled by trees. The trees now is twice bigger than before

  • Birch Forest

The shape of the birch tree changes in this mod

  • Taiga

Taiga is overgrown with cypress trees. Evergreen trees come in three varieties: birch, oak, and spruce.

  • Roofed Forest

The trees in the roofed forest are now much bigger and taller than before

  • Savanna

Add acacia trees variant

  • Jungle

In this biome, you can see steep cliff


  • Beach 

Add trees with mangrove style


  • Abandoned House

Builder: vxpl0it

  • Cemetery

Builder: vxpl0it

  • Greek Temple

Builder: abcdave

  • Clock Tower


Builder: vxpl0it

  • The Bridge (Generate Randomly)

Builder: abcdave


I’m not done with this yet



How to install

To use this addon you need to enable all experimental feature settings.


Thanks for vxpl0it helped me in building the structure

Have fun :>

creator: https://twitter.com/abcdavk


By aadhu

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