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Bedrock Just Shapes & Beats Addon (V0.1.0)

Just Shapes & Beats Addon (V0.1.0)

Hello fellas! it’s been a while since i’m not making an addon, but i’m here to show you my newest and latest addon on 2022! but don’t worry, I’ll be back on 2023 for making a new addon!and today i’m making a new addon! called Just Shapes & Beats Addon (V0.1.0)read all the description for more detail!


Custom Music Discs

(and there’s more, download the addon and hear/listen the custom song by yourself)



Health: 250

Melee: 10

Attack Melee Type: Punch The Ground


Health: 400

Melee: 10

Attack Melee Type: Spin


Health: 500

Melee: 10

Attack Melee Type: Beats


Health: 550

Melee: 10

Attack Melee Type: Dance To Death

Corrupt Cube

Health: 600

Melee: 10

Attack Melee Type: Drop Himself Into The Ground

King Blixer

Health: 950

Melee: 15

Attack Melee Type: Shoots


Health: 999

Melee: 20

Attack Melee Type: Bite Beats


Frendly Mobs

Cube (Sad)

Health: 22

TameAble: Apple

Ability: Can Turned Into Corrupt Cube If She’s Dead

Cube (Happy)

Health: 22

TameAble: Apple

Ability: (Nothing Special)


Health: 22

TameAble: Apple

Ability: Can Floating On Water


Health: 22

TameAble: Apple

Ability: Can Fly


Cyan Morph

Morph & UnMorph

Dash Ability 

creator: https://twitter.com/Ender364


How To Download The Addons:

  1. Click the link of the addon and download it 
  2. extract the [RP] & [BP] to games/com.mojang/behavior_pack & resource_pack 
  3. Open the Minecraft Game 
  4. Create the New World and don’t forgot to turn all the Experimental Creations on your world 
  5. Have Fun Playing My Addon!

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