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Justice League Addon


Welcome and this addon is officially inspired by Justice League (DC Comic) This addon has Heroes and Villains to fight!! And also weapons and armors. You can also be a hero too by wearing the armors and using a weapon!! Hopefully you enjoy this addon, leave a comment for suggestions!

The addon may have bugs but it will fix soon!

Batman’s Equipment.

  • Batman’s Armor
  • Batarang
  • Extreme Batarang
  • Batporter

And more in next update!!

Crafting Recipes!



To craft Batarang, you must need Gunpowder, Coal and Iron Ingot and do this position!

Extreme Batarang

You need redstone and gunpowder to make your Batarang more OP (over power)


To make the Batporter, you just need Batarang and Ender Pearl

Electrical Kryptonite Gun

You just need Iron Ingots and Kryptonite Battery

And to get Kryptonite Battery, you must cook Kryptonite on Blast Furnace (Only work on Blast Furnace and You can only get Kryptonite on Creative Mode)

And the others doesn’t have crafting recipe yet (maybe in next update)

Batman Armor Preview

Hero Mobs Preview


Beware to use this Equipment cause this might give you Levitate Effect





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