Keen’s Custom Crafting Recipe

Have you ever wanted to make Bedrock in Crafting Table? Don’t worry! This add-on allows you to make something like that in survival! (Otherwise you will be called a hacker with your friends. Hehehehehehehhe)


How this add-on works?

Well, to install this add-on, you need to click on the .mcaddon files that has been configured in the download page.

How many this recipe added on this add-on?

5 recipes

How about the concept of the custom crafting recipe? It says it will allow to you to make Bedrock?

Well, here’s the concept:

(This recipe is inspired by Memes Minecraft)

Other 4 recipes!

Here! You got it:

This recipe will allows you to make something that cannot be obtainable in Vanilla Minecraft. (Even on Creative Inventory too)

Suggest your new recipe in Comments! You can suggest like Name Tag recipe, Netherite Full Armor recipe, and Light Block recipe!

(TIP: You cannot suggest recipe version Java Edition)

What is the newest recipe on this lastest version? (1.0.2)

You can check in Changelog, and this is the concept!

What is the newest recipe on this latest version? (1.0.3)

I added some 10 recipes that maybe change your survival lifes.

Where is the concept?

Here! I got you some.

Where is the 4 recipes?

It’s a Full Netherite Armor Recipes where you need to find 24 Netherite Ingot to craft this full Armor. Same as like another Armor.

Now, you will won’t be able to use /give again!

How to apply in my world?

Check the YouTube for the tutorial



If you want to check the previous version of this add-on, change the version of the changelog previous version.

+ Added 11 functions. You can use that with /function.

+ Fixing some “bold words”

+ Added 10 recipes



.mcaddon: This type files will direct you to Minecraft (if your Minecraft is real, not Crack)

.zip: Manually install by yourself



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