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Keks Hub

Mini addon about farming, adventure, magic. Discord created by the Keks Hub team. In the addon +10 cultures, +30 different food, +10 blocks, 3 mobs, unique blocks, new caves, new geodes, new trees. Addon just blooms


Mini addon from the Keks Hub Discord team.

The addon has new residents (traders)

There are pots with treasure inside!

New armor, there are two sets in the picture, but with the next updates there will be more sets of armor.

Also unique crafting of items, tools, cooking, blocks, equipment, etc.

Many different blocks, both with the usual model and with the non-ordinary model

Many interesting tools

Lots of food, drinks, items

Many plants, crops

Thanks for the help/work

  • AdamPS  programming
  • Leontiev RF  ‘texture painting’
  • Nire  modeling
  • Nightwalker  crafts/balance
  • Shisui_Uchiha_  testing
  • Drainer 228  photoshop
  • smiltes  music/records


  • en_US  AdamPS
  • ru_RU  Drainer 228


To turn it on:

Before creating the world, include these libraries:

creator: Adam PS


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