Kibab’s Weapons Beta

Have you ever wished for more weapons and items to be added to your game? This addon adds 9 new weapons to your game as well as many items that you can play with. It should be noted that some of the items were inspired by Hypixel Skyblock. Because I am new to making addons, you may find bugs, but I will try to improve the next time. I hope to create more items for this addon in the future.




Because this addon modifies the player json file, some items may not function properly if combined with another addon to ensure that it works. place the addon on top

Make sure to enable the following experiments.


If you intend to use this addon on your video, you must include a link to this page rather than the direct link.

Without permission, you may not copy the codes from this addon.




You can obtain these new items by crafting them or receiving them via commands.

Each of these weapons has a unique set of special abilities. To use these abilities, simply right-click (Windows 10 edition) or tap and hold the screen (mobile)




Dash Sword

+10 Attack Damage

Durability – 1100

Repair Items – Dash Sword, Bolt Shard

Use Ability: Summon 3 fangs behind you that do damage to mobs as you dash 5 blocks ahead. (After 5 uses, you must wait 10 seconds for the cooldown.)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:dash_sword

Crafting Recipe: 


Frosted Sceptre

+7 Ability Damage

Durability – 670

Repair Items – Frosted Sceptre, Frosted Shard

Use Ability: Shoots a projectile that damages mobs as well as slowing them down. (No Cooldown)

Ability Demonstration:

Item ID: kibab:frosted_sceptre

Crafting Recipe:


Frost Blade

+6 Attack Damage

Durability – 600

Repair Items – Frost Blade, Frosted Shard

Use Ability: When used, it slows enemies in a 10-block radius. (30 seconds cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:frost_blade

Crafting Recipe:


Lament Sword

+5 Attack Damage

Durability – 500

Repair Items – Lament Sword, Poison Stone 

Use Ability: Poisons enemies in a 5-block radius. (30 seconds cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:lament_sword

Crafting Recipe:


Dazzle Short Sword

+8 Attack Damage

Durability – 710

Repair Items – Dazzle Short Sword, Ender Pearl

Use Ability: Teleport behind the nearest mob as they get blindness. (10 seconds cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:dazzle_sword

Crafting Recipe:


Float Blade

+6 Attack Damage

Durability – 400

Repair Items – Float Blade, Iron Ingot

Use Ability: All mobs in a 10-block radius are elevated for 3 seconds. (5 seconds cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:float_blade

Crafting Recipe:


Lu Bu’s Rapid Bow

+5 Ability Damage

Durability – 800

Repair Items – Lu Bu’s Rapid Bow, Colo

Use Ability: It launches arrows rapidly but at a high cost in terms of durability (No Cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:lubus_bow

Crafting Recipe:


Extrusive Sword

+7 Attack Damage

Durability – 800

Repair Items – Extrusive Sword, Extrusive Ingot

Passive Ability: Sets the target on fire

Use Ability: All mobs within a 10-block radius are set on fire. (5 seconds cooldown) 

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:extrusive_sword

Crafting Recipe:


Lifesteal Wand

Durability – 200

Repair Items – Lifesteal Wand

Use Ability: Attacks nearby mobs and heals yourself (The amount of healing is determined by the number of mobs around) (7 seconds cooldown) 

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:lifesteal_wand

Crafting Recipe:


Fireball Wand

+3 Ability Damage

Durability – 360

Repair Items – Fireball Wand, Gunpowder

Use Ability: Shoots fireballs in the direction you’re facing (No Cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:fireball_wand

Crafting Recipe:


Eruptive Staff

Explosion Damage

Durability – 200

Repair Items – Eruptive Staff, Extrusive Ingot

Use Ability: Shoots out a powerful projectile that explodes when it comes into touch with something. (No Cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:eruptive_wand

Crafting Recipe:


Frost Staff

No damage

Durability – 300

Repair Items – Frost Staff, Frosted Shard

Use Ability: Shoots a projectile that turns blocks into ice (No Cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 

Item ID: kibab:frost_staff

Crafting Recipe:


Speed Extractor Orb

No damage

Durability – 200

Repair Items – Cannot be repaired

Use Ability: Steals speed from mobs within a 10-block radius the maximum number of mobs from which you can steal speed is three. (5 seconds Cooldown)

Item ID: kibab:speed_extractor_orb

Crafting Recipe:




Assassin’s Boots

Defense – 2

Durability – 300

Repair Items – Assassin’s Boots

Ability (SNEAK): Gain invisibility and speed while sneaking (No Cooldown)

Ability Demonstration: 


Item ID: kibab:assassin_boots

Crafting Recipe:

(Insvibility potion duration: 3.00)


Extrusive Armor Set

  • Durability (Helmet) – 650
  • Defense – 3
  • Durability (Chestplate) – 800
  • Defense – 7
  • Durability (Leggings) – 810
  • Defense – 7
  • Durability (Boots) – 600
  • Defense – 2

Repair Items – Each piece can be repaired by itself, Extrusive Ingot

Full Set Bonus: Immunity to fire and lava, the ability to set fire to the attacker when hit, and regeneration while in fire or lava

Item ID: kibab:extrusive_helmet – kibab:extrusive_chestplate – kibab:extrusive_leggings – kibab:extrusive_boots

Crafting Recipes:


Frosted Armor Set

  • Durability (Helmet) – 590
  • Defense – 2
  • Durability (Chestplate) – 710
  • Defense – 6
  • Durability (Leggings) – 700
  • Defense – 5
  • Durability (Boots) – 590
  • Defense – 2

Repair Items – Each piece can be repaired by itself, Extrusive Ingot

(Full Set Bonus)

Passive Ability:  -Slows down mobs that attacks you -Turn the water around you into ice

Ability (SNEAK): Summon 5 snowmen on you (20 seconds Cooldown)

Item ID: kibab:frosted_helmet – kibab:frosted_chestplate – kibab:frosted_leggings – kibab:frosted_boots

Crafting Recipes:


Super Thick Armor Set

  • Durability (Helmet) – 410
  • Defense – 3
  • Durability (Chestplate) – 540
  • Defense – 7
  • Durability (Leggings) – 520
  • Defense – 6
  • Durability (Boots) – 420
  • Defense – 4

Full Set Bonus: Provides immunity to knockback and tons of defense, but you’re slower and your attacks are weak

Item ID: kibab:super_thick_helmet – kibab:super_thick_chestplate – kibab:super_thick_leggings – kibab:super_thick_boots

Crafting Recipes:


Lu Bu’s Armor Set

  • Durability (Helmet) – 400
  • Defense – 1
  • Durability (Chestplate) – 410
  • Defense – 6
  • Durability (Leggings) – 450
  • Defense – 5
  • Durability (Boots) – 400
  • Defense – 2

Full Set Ability (SNEAK): Gain Jump Boost 6 and Speed 4 for 20 seconds (30 seonds Cooldown)

Item ID: kibab:lubus_helmet – kibab:lubus_chestplate – kibab:lubus_leggings – kibab:lubus_boots

Crafting Recipes:




Bolt Shard

Item ID: kibab:bolt_shard

Crafting Recipe:

Ancient Fang

Item ID: kibab:ancient_fang

Evokers sometimes drop this item

Frosted Shard

Item ID: kibab:frosted_shard

Crafting Recipe:

Poison Stone

Item ID: kibab:poison_stone

Crafting Recipe:

Super String

Item ID: kibab:super_string_item

Crafting Recipe:

Arrow of Infinity

Item ID: kibab:arrow_of_infinity

Crafting Recipe:

Cooled Extrusive Ingot

Item ID: kibab:cooled_extrusive_ingot

Crafting Recipe:

Extrusive Ingot

Item ID: kibab:extrusive_ingot

Crafting Recipe:

Enchanted Sugar

Item ID: kibab:enchanted_sugar

Crafting Recipe:

Enchanted Feather

Item ID: kibab:enchanted_feather

Crafting Recipe:

Eruptive Core

Item ID: kibab:eruptive_core

Crafting Recipe:

Heavy Ingot

Item ID: kibab:heavy_ingot

Crafting Recipe:


Extract Dust

Item ID: kibab:extract_dust

Crafting Recipe:

Magical Feather

Use Ability: Get the slow falling effect for 5 seconds (Only 3 uses)

Item ID: kibab:magical_feather

Crafting Recipe:


Item ID: kibab:colo

Crafting Recipe:



As I previously stated, some of these items were inspired by the game Hypixel Skyblock.

Creator of this add-on:


Beta Tester:



Download both links 

Import Behavior and Resource pack to your world

Turn on these experiments



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