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Bedrock Killy Willy Addon (Beta)

Killy Willy Addon (Beta)

Hey! My name is ZombieMC, and today i made killy willy, now, killy willy is a Scary monster and i think its related to huggy wuggy, but im not sure if he is related with him, and i got this addon idea from gametoons.


Killy Willy: 

  • Health:400
  • Walk Speed:0.27
  • Run Speed:3.5
  • Attack Damage:389
  • Knocback resistance:100

This mob can kill almost every mob in the game and don’t even try to fight this monster, cuz i know you will die, also if you’re experiencing some glitches in my addon please let me know

Some in game/model screenshot:




Also if you’re a YouTuber and your showcasing this addon please credit me in your video description 

thats all 🙂


download the file and 

put it in the behaviour pack and resource pack 

or just search it on YouTube

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Hm8T6fAPw3cs4QHMVpE2w


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