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Kits API

KITS API It is a pack that will allow you to store kits in your realm, world or server. Being able to remove them, claim them or simply view their content in a custom entity



In order to use this addon you will have to have the “staff” tag make sure of this or you will not be able to open the user interface that allows you to do everything.


-Create kit

This module will allow you to create a kit, you must set its name and description, if you do not set the name it will throw an error, if you do not set the description it will be a default, After creating a name and a description, you must click on the button and the kit will be saved. Remember that you must have everything you want the kit to have in your inventory.


-Remove kit

This module will allow you to remove a kit from the database, to delete it you have to select it in the dropdown the kit you want to remove (all the current kits on the server will appear in the dropdown)  Yand followed by this write “CONFIRM” in capital letters and without the quotes and the kit will be eliminated, if you write anything else nothing will happen, it will only return you to the interface 


-View kit

This module will allow you to see the content of the kit in a custom entity, this entity has 36 slots and everything you have saved in the kit will be seen in it, how you can see in the following image you must select the kit you want to see 

After selecting it and clicking the button, it will take you to the following interface:

if you give return it will take you to choose again the kit you want to see, otherwise if you give Confirm it will spawn the custom entity in the position of your head, that means that if you give click or on mobile you keep the screen pressed or you get the button that says “open” will open the entity’s inventory and everything that the kit contains will be there. 



-Reclaim kit

This module will allow you to claim the kit, it is exactly the same as “Kit view” but in this case it will give you the items in your inventory, first select the kit you want to claim from the dropdown and it will take you to the interface where you confirm whether to claim it or not.

In case you return it, it will return you to choose the kit you want to claim and if you give it confirm, it will add all the items to your inventory. 


Note: If any administrator sees this, this addon is for the latest version 1.18.30, I put 1.18.10 because they haven’t added 1.18.30 to the page yet, so if possible they can add 1.18.30 to the list of compatible versions and delete this note, and change the 1.18.10 that I put for 1.18.30 or in any case I will edit it later if I see that they have already added 1.18.30


How to install

As you can see the addon comes in a .zip, all you have to do is change the .zip to .mcaddon and touch the file, this will redirect you to minecraft to start the behavior pack import and the resource pack, both are equally important so don’t disable either, use both. 

creator: iTzWorkz3144


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