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Bedrock Kitsune Masks Add-On

Kitsune Masks Add-On

Hey! Have you ever heard of a Japanese mythological creature called the kitsune? He is a White Sacred fox and is also very powerful and mysterious…If you are a very curious person, you can witness this for yourself.


Things you need to get the Kitsune mask: Diamond Helmet + Ender eye and additional materials depending on the mask you choose (rabbit’s feet, redstone, etc.).

Kitsune Mask “Red”

*Giving “Strength” Effect

Kitsune Mask “Blue”

*Giving “Water Breathing” Effect

Kitsune Mask “Green”

*Giving “Jump Boost” Effect

Kitsune Mask “Purple”

*Giving “Night Vision” Effect

Kitsune Mask “Yellow”

*Giving “Haste” Effect

Kitsune Mask “Orange”

*Giving “Fire Resistance” Effect


Also all masks give +10 extra hearts



Add +10 extra hearts to player          



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