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Bedrock Klombos Add-on

Klombos Add-on

This add-on adds a new special called Klombo, these creatures can be found in your Minecraft worlds, you can get them as a pet and they can give you special items if you feed them. Los Klombos is inspired by the Fortnite video game. Credits :Creator of the Addon: ArathNido


Klombos can only be found around the world in desert, badlands, sparse jungle, beach and savannah biomes.

It can be tamed with bones so that it will follow you, sit on it and ride on it.

Its texture will change depending on the action you do:




Feeding it :


  • Health: 2000
  • Damage: 24


  • Health: 4000
  • Damage: 28
  • Mountable
  • You can ask me to follow or unfollow you.


  • It will only attack skeletons and zombies.
  • Resistance III
  • Regeneration III
  • Thrust resistance.
  • It feeds on apples and golden apples.

Klombo Berry:

With them you can use them as food for the klombo and for the player, when giving a berry to a Klombo it will drop a special object.

Items you can drop:

  • Wooden blocks.
  • Brick blocks.
  • Iron blocks.
  • Enchanted Iron Arms and Armor.
  • Enchanted Diamond Weapons and Armor.
  • Elytras
  • Pie
  • Bread
  • apples
  • Enchanted golden apple.

Consuming a Klombo Berry will fill your health bar with 5 nutrients and regeneration for 10 seconds.

The Klombo Berry can only be found in desert, grassland and jungle biomes.


creator: https://twitter.com/ArathNidoGamer


  1. Download Resources .McPack.
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack.
  3. Apply the packs for a world.
  4. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings
  5. Create the world.

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