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Bedrock Knife Add-on

Knife Add-on

Hello! I am new to modding and decided to make a knife add-on. This item is easily craftable yet can maybe kill an ender dragon in one hit! Its basically an OP item. 


The crafting process is simple. You’ll need 2 iron ingots and 1 coal. Craft it like a sword, but instead of the stick, use coal. I’ve made it so when you hit something it does 100’000 damage and the durability is as strong as netherite. I hope you like this mod.



I added another picture to show more of the add-on.


This mod is for bedrock edition. Installation guide:

  1. Download the .mcaddon.
  2. Click the download once it finishes.

Now you’re done! Enjoy.

creator: Ruta__


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