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Bedrock Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya

Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya


Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya addon for minecraft bedrock edition, with 10 armors to use in your minecraft and had fun in survival and all are possible to do in survival without any problems, in this version you only have 10 armors to make, but in the next version you will have more

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In this version 10 armors were added to be used in survival, all have unique craft and details, choose one to make and have fun. Behold the armor of athena’s protectors


Pagsus Armor

Dragon Armor

Fenix Armor

Andromeda Armor

Swan Armor

Now see the black version of bronze armor

Black Andromeda Armor

Black Pegsus Armor

Black Swan Armor

Black Dragon Armor

Black Fenix Armor

Structure appear on the map

Temple of aries mu

(in this temple you will be able to upgrade your holy armor)

Inside the structure there will be an npc where you will be able to update the armor

To get these armor you will need to defeat all the black knights in what will appear on your minecraft map

And by defeating them you will be able to push your corms to the limit

and defeating the black knights you will win the cosmics to make the addon armors


The addon contains a lot of things, so download it to evaluate adon and have fun in minecraft, below is the video showing more about adddon



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