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Bedrock Lag Destroyer Machine And More

Lag Destroyer Machine And More [Compatible With Other Mod]


Imaging you are playing modded Minecraft and surrounding by spawner or so many item drop make your game laggy.

This addon add 3 different machine  which improve your game experience. Also it included simple jetpack and home scroll which give you better experience. 

It’s a demo version I will try to improve it, you can give me suggestion/feedback on comment. 

I am not sure, someone made this before me, I take this idea form auto Item Delete ping for server and made it for modded Minecraft players.


Share This Page Link Not Mediafire If You Do A Review/Showcase 

Here is all information (texture little bit bad)

All Recipe unlocked

PVC, Battery & Circuit Board


This 3 Item useful to craft machine

Power Generator

It directly give power to the machines. Just place machine Above the power generator


Item  Deleter

Clear drop items like mob drop

Place on power generator

It’s have 4 mode –

Stop, Slow (5 min gap), Medium (3 min gap) , Fast ( 5sec)

You can use this mod/addon for saving your stuff after die

Mob  Deleter

Kill zombie, skeleton, creeper & spider

Place on power generator

It’s have 4 mode –

Stop, Slow (5 min gap), Medium (3 min gap), Fast ( 5sec)

Set up

It also show custom chat


On Off Remote 

For mob & item deleter

Stop to Slow mode(on) 

 Fast to stop mode(off)

Range – 3 block 

If you hold screen (I don’t know PC key). It’s change mode Stop to Slow. Both item and mob Deleter

Speed up

Level 1 

Slow mode to Medium mode. 3 block range.

Level 2

Medium mode to Fast mode. 3 block range.

you can’t use directly level 2

Chunk loader 

It’s load chunk. You can’t use multiple chunk loaders. Place on power generator.


Chunk Locked

Set chuck loader, Hold it and your Chuck locked. Range 3 block 

After that your chunk still load how farway you are, 


Chunk Chancellor

It’s remove loaded chuck. If you want to shift your base. Range 3 block


Extra stuff

1.Simple Jetpack 

Hold it and you can fly like creative



2.No Fall Damage

Hold it and use jetpack fell like God




3. Fast Travel

Home Mark 

Set home location. Use only one. Stand on chunk loader and hold screen with it

Home Remover

Remove home mark

Home Scroll 

Hold it it bring you back to home



4. No Annoying Chat

 annoying feedback like execute, load and you have given etc



  • Click Download Addon
  • Click on “click here to continued
  • Visit my site and find download link
  • Click on Mediafire link
  • After down click the mcaddon file and chose Minecraft
creator: ZorroCraft 2.O




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