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Bedrock Laithcraft! (Modpack)

Laithcraft! (Modpack)

Many people in my Discord server wanted it. And I made it! This modpack adds many of my addons into Minecraft such as Endcraft or (M)ore or even Traps and stuff! However, since this alone would be boring, I added custom achievements too! So kinda, well you will see 😉


First here all Addons in the Pack:

Also the Thumbnail Font is made by Ftere

The Wild update Concept

My 1.19 Concept ADDON!

This adds stuff like deep dark and much more!

It also adds uniqe features! And even a new Birch Biome! Hope you enjoy

Traps and Stuff

Wanna Troll or mess with your friends? Wait you don’t have friends–

Well DOESN’T MATTER!! This addon adds new Traps into the Game which pretty much mess with you and also are quiet fun

Trolly Ores

This addon adds Ores which will have kinda stupid but funny. These ores will mess with you and your friends if you have some!

But anyways Get trolled LOLOLOOL


This simply adda new Redstone things like colored Redstone lamps and a Timer!

Its just a beta so not many features.. YET!!

No’mo Useless

Useless is no more B) 

This addon makes some features no longer useless! (Or gives them a better use Pretty much!) Its a small tweak addon of mine 

Minecraft Better Plus

An really big expansions addon which adds many new Fun and cool features  into the Game!

And many new mobs and blocks and also Structures!


Well Its quiet Easy to explain.This addon adds (New Golems into MC!

These are similiar to normal ones and some have special powers!


This is an End Expansion addon which adds new biomes and ores and Mobs into Minecraft! Its fun to play around and Explore the now Cooler end!


Ever wanted more beacons in Minecraft?

Well these act similar as normal Beacons!

It has 18 New beacons!


(M)ore or more Ore Is an Ore expansions which adds many new ores with many new Uses which aren’t just armor and tools-

Like Statues or alloys and much more to check out!



Armor and Tools EX

This is an Addon adding new Armor and Tools into Mc also Adding stuff even for these Addons like Ender Slime armor or Tin Big axe and much more to check out!


Village and Pillage+
This addon is an Expansion for both Villagers and Pillagers!
It adds stuff like Human meat, Villager Warrior and even new Currencys! Also a lot more to check out too!


Apples X

This is more of a Fun Addon however I still added it
This Addon adds new Apples into the Game like Gravel Apple or Tnt Apple!
These are all Craftable and have an uniqe use

Also: Whenever One of these Update it will  Update this Pack! You just gotta download it again!
 To know more About each Addon I Suggest going to the Page 




It can Cause Lag or even Crash. This is not a bug. Its just bc There are many Packs but I haven’t seen any lag or Crashes yet.


Here are All Achievements (Some were Suggested by my Discord Server)

There is a Book you can craft where you can see which Achievements you have done and which not

Sneaking=Shows Achievements you haven’t done 

Not Sneaking= Achievements you have done

The Book is made out of 1 Book


Some In Game Stuff 


I Really Hope You enjoy this Addon aka Modpack by me!

creator: https://www.youtube.com/laiffoo


-Added Armor and Tools Ex
-Added Apples X
-Added Village and Pillage +
-Fixed many Crashes
-All Addons are Updated
-I had to remove some Stuff spawning
-Added more Achievements


Install moment lol

Also all Experimental Gameplay Feature need to be On!



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