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Bedrock Leaves Drop Op Item

Leaves Drop Op Item

Minecraft but leaves drop op item in this addon if you break leaves with shear or silk touch you will get op items and if you like these you can check out my channel Gamer File


The Op Items List Are

 Full set enchanted netherite armors, weapons and tools.

• Full set enchanted diamond armors, weapons and tools.

• Golden apples and enchanted golden apples.

• All minerals blocks and ancient debris.

• Water bucket, tnts and many more.

• Tridents , food , potions and structures chests.

How To Get Op Items.

You will get shear by breaking dirt you can see in this image but there is a problem you cant get dirt

If you got the shear then break oak leaves by it you will get op items you can see in the image below

And you are not allowed to 

• giving direct links

• modify the addon and giving credit to yourself

If you are a content creator and using this addon give link of this addon

creator: youtube.com/c/GamerFile


Some Bugs Fixed.                                                                 


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