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Bedrock Lego Block Addon (Will Be Updated With Requests)

Lego Block Addon (Will Be Updated With Requests)

This Addon adds Lego blocks that you can use for deco or scrap blocks since they don’t drop themselves and are pretty easy to get, at least with the dlc I made for it :))) so if you just want this you’ll have to stick to the /give command, if you want it to be survival friendly then download the dlc


A very simple addon that adds the basic colored Lego bricks(11)

Here Are Screenshots of the addon 

the blocks next to each other (I forgot to have the other 3 in the picture) 

here are the Legos places down, as you can see they have a custom model, the Lego box is right there(download the dlc to use it)

the bottom view of the Lego blocks

Thats all for the addon, dm me on discord to give me any suggestions and I’ll add them in 


creator: Asteri

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