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Bedrock Lifesteal Addon (1.18.30+)

Lifesteal Addon (1.18.30+)


The lifesteal addon is based of the plugin from the Lifesteal SMP, where whenever you die, you lose a heart, when you kill a player you gain a heart! This addon is updated to support latest versions of minecraft (for now) and addon features include; Stealing hearts, Crafting hearts, Withdrawing hearts, and even reviving dead players who happen to lose all their hearts!


Lifesteal Addon


When you die, you drop a temporary heart that despawns unless picked up by the nearest player within 10 blocks, so you can’t use long range to gain hearts

Hearts can be crafted, using this recipe down below:

Heart Fragment

Heart Essence


Gain a heart by:

  • Killing another player
  • Using a heart item

Lose a heart by:

  • Getting killed
  • Withdrawing a heart

Withdrawing hearts

Hearts can be withdrawed by right clicking (or whatever you use for eating) on this item

If you withdraw all the way to 1 heart, it will show you this message



The heart of life

The heart of life revives a random dead person

Craft it using this recipe:


For extra info, go to this YouTube video:



  • Please DO NOT repost this addon without crediting and without permission
  • You may showcase this addon with crediting


GBShadow (Tester, Helper, and person who dies during the gif) – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWFpdGu2rzKA5iVXvD3EPAw


This addon will be updated monthly 🙂 (or when update come and break this addon and i have to refix it)

Currently, this addon only works on 1.18.30+


  1. Click download link
  2. Press blue button


  1. Go to your file explorer
  2. Search “LifeSteal”
  3. The addon should show up as “LifeSteal.mcaddon”, if it shows up as “LifeSteal.mcaddon.zip”, rename it and remove the zip


  1. Same thing


  1. Go to your file explorer
  2. Click on downloads
  3. Click on “LifeSteal.mcaddon”

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