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Have you ever wanted (Life Steal) like you have seen on java Minecraft? Well if so here’s the pack when you kill a player they lose 1 heart and you gain 1 heart. Once you hit 0 hearts you will become a ghost or get banned. Note this is only version 1.0 if I get enough support I will update it with new futures and settings. 


Creator: UnitX


 it is not allowed to publish this add-on on other websites or applications of Minecraft Addons without the permission of the creator.

If you will review this add-on for youtube or other media platforms leave credits and put the download link.

List of settings:

1. Nothing: after your last life you will just respawn with 1 heart like normal
2. Ghost: after your last life you will be able to spectate but not interact with items, entities, or blocks
3. Ban: you will be banned until an oped player changes the after death type (Not recommend to play on worlds if the owner gets banned there’s no easy way for them to get back into the world)

By default after last life is set to nothing
to view more info about the pack look inside of the behavior pack for the file info.txt

To enable these settings run these commands for:

Normal: /scoreboard players set full_dead settings 0
Ghost: /scoreboard players set full_dead settings 1
Ban: /scoreboard players set full_dead settings 2



  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Apply the pack in world/realm
  3. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings
  4. Enable “Cheats” in the world settings
  5. Create the world
  6. Run this command: /function setup
  7. apply after death settings optional

By aadhu

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