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Bedrock Light-Emitting Shield

Light-Emitting Shield

Having a dynamic light is good, like holding a torch and you instantly have a source of light, but you can’t hold the torch on your off hand so why not use the items that we can hold off hand like shield.


In this add-on you can use shield as a source of light (yeah very realistic), just hold your shield on your off hand and you have light and defence at the same time. You can also use torch as a source of light because it’s easy to craft.

Craft a torch

Look for an iron

Smelt the iron, get a wood and craft a shield

It’s very simple (and realistic), but it’s useful when caving especially doing speedrun.

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Disclaimer ! ! !

1. Don’t repost this add-on on any website 
2. Don’t modify this pack (you may modify this pack, but for personal use / don’t share the modification pack)
3. If you want to review this pack on youtube, don’t share the direct link. Share this link instead :>



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