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Bedrock Lil’s Ice Scream 6 Addon

Lil’s Ice Scream 6 Addon [v6]

Are you a fan of Ice Scream game series? This is the right addon for you, this addon includes characters from the Ice Scream game series!

Important Notes 

•Addon only support minecraft versions 1.18 & 1.19 and higher

•You can learn from the codes of this addon but remember that copying is not learning

•Turn on Experimental Gameplay Settings – Holiday Creator Features in the world settings or else the addon will fail to work

•You are allowed to do a video review on video platforms like YouTube, but you MUST put the proper download link [this site]

•If you have low end devices and the addon is crashing, you can try decreasing your render distance to prevent lag 

•Supported languages: English

Addon gameplay preview


Rod Sullivan


Electrogun is a weapon from Ice Scream 5, it can he used to stun Rod, and to wake Boris up

Tip: Shoot them on their edges for it to take effect faster

Rod is a Ice Scream man, he loves to kill chubby kids for his ice cream product 

Weakness: Electrogun


Janitor Minirod 

Cook Minirod 


Mechanic minirod 

Office Worker Minirod 

Minirod Prototype 

Minirods works at Rod’s Ice cream factory, if they saw you, they will attempt to chase and will alert rod at the same time, of on of the Minirods caught you, you will get electrified for 3 seconds

Weakness: None


Boris is Rod’s factory bodyguard, he always sleeps, but once you get close to him, you will face death

Weakness: Electrogun ( not really, it will just wake him up ) 


Mati is Rod’s head cook, she is strict, she will shoot you with a piece of Ice cream when she sees you stunning you for 3 seconds

Weakness: None


Lis, Mike, J, & Charlie

Kids from the Ice Scream series, they do nothing at the moment, just stand and run


This addon was created by LiL Studios with the participation of the following:
•LiL Craft YT
•VinceLouis – provides the sfx, fonts, and ui texture 
provides some models and textures

Special thanks to the following:
•Raboy – helped me on some animation code stuff
•My beta testers



Added new minirods 

Improved electrogun

Improved models, textures, particles, & animations

Improved sfx of characters

Improved character behaviors such as attack rules 


•Turn on the following settings

•Make sure you have read the important details written above

•Download the file given below

•Open your file manager

•Recommended file manager: ZArchiver

•Go to the downloaded file

•Click open as document then choose Minecraft

creator: https://twitter.com/LiLCraftYT1


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