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Bedrock Loading’s Apocalypse Version 1.0.0

In the ever-evolving landscape of 3D animation technology, one software package is turning heads and wowing industry elites: Bedrock Loading’s Apocalypse Version 1.0.0.

This revolutionary software package offers a host of advanced features that make creating stunning, believable 3D animations faster and easier than ever before. At the heart of Apocalypse lies Bedrock’s proprietary Flexible Mesh Deformation engine. This innovative feature allows users to quickly adjust and deform complicated object forms and surfaces, while also providing point-by-point manipulation abilities that make a huge impact on the realism of your final animation.

Beyond its powerful form manipulation capabilities, Apocalypse also comes packed with a range of top-notch 3D animation features including 2D motion tweening, motion curves, and particle systems. Each of these features come with a range of adjustable settings, empowering users to create startlingly realistic visual effects.

To top it off, Apocalypse comes fully equipped with Bedrock Loading’s renowned Visual Effects Studio, which gives users the ability to animate simulated particles, fluids, and other physical processes in real-time. Not only does this allow users to test projects quickly and efficiently before releasing them, but it also offers the potential for breathtaking moments when used properly.

Since its release, Bedrock Loading’s Apocalypse Version 1.0.0 has been the talk of the industry. In addition to its intuitive workflow, attractive interface, and superb value for money, this impressive 3D animation package is becoming renowned for producing unrecognizable effects and stunning visuals. With its revolutionary feature sets and powerful capabilities, Apocalypse Version 1.0.0 is sure to continue making waves in the 3D animation world for a long time to come.

Loading’s Apocalypse Version 1.0.0


Loading’s Apocalypse is an addon that overhauls your entire Minecraft world. This addon removes all vanilla mobs except pigs and brings in different types of undead creatures to end your adventure! Loot buildings to get weapons, food, and medical supplies to help you survive in this new world. 





Health: 20

Damage: 4



Health: 15

Damage: 3



Health: 10

Damage: 4

These undead monsters are not a huge threat on their own, but when in groups, beware because even the most minor can cause a major consequence.




Canned Food

Canned Mushrooms: 5 Nutrition

Canned Tuna: 6 Nutrition

Canned Corn: 5 Nutrition


Candy Bar: 3 Nutrition

Energy Bar: 3 Nutrition



Water Bottle: 5 Thirst

Milk: 4 Thirst

Energy Drink: 3 Thirst

Soda Can: 3 Thirst

To open the canned foods, use a can opener and one canned food to open it.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Splint: Use this when you break your leg (50% chance whenever taking fall damage)

Clean Rag: Use this when you start bleeding (the effect will be poison)

Dirty Rag: Use this when in a full water source and you’ll get a cleaned rag

Cure: Use this when you get infected (the effect will be wither (ACT FAST))

Medkit: Use this when you get low on health, are infected, is bleeding, or has a broken leg, and you’ll be fixed completely

Colt M1911

Colt M1911

Damage: 6



Damage: 18

Remington 700

Remington 700

Damage: 14

To reload all the guns, use the crafting menu.

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons

Baseball Bat: 5 Damage

Crowbar: 6 Damage

Fire Axe: 8 Damage

Golf Club: 5 Damage

Hammer: 6 Damage

Knife: 6 Damage

Lead Pipe: 4 Damage

Machete: 7 Damage

Police Baton: 4 Damage

Sledgehammer: 8 Damage

Riot Gear
Gas Mask

Gas Mask

Protection: 1


Riot Gear

Protection: 14

Smiley Face Mask

Smiley Face Mask

Civilian Clothing





Houses/Destroyed Houses
Commercial Structures
Military Structures
Miscellaneous Structures




  • changed some points in the description to be more detailed


Mobile – download the .zip file, rename the .zip to .mcaddon or .mcpack, then open it


Xbox and Windows 10 – download the .zip file, extract it, then move the both the folders inside into the corresponding folders in the Minecraft files.



creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJORy-uul4CtoL2G65jFWyg


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