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Bedrock Losing Vote Mobs Return Addon

Losing Vote Mobs Return Addon

Have you feel disappointed because the mob you pick doesn’t with the mob vote? I mean i certainly have :(, but that’s not matter anymore with this add-on I tried to implement the cancelled mob feature in this addon


this add-on is still in beta phase not all the feature listed for the mobs and if there is bug present feel free to report it in the comments

2017  mob vote

The 2017 mob vote offer 4 mobs with the winner for the vote is phantom or as mention at the time “the monster of night time” But that does means 3 more mobs, is cancelled and deleted to never see the shine of light again so time to recreate them, but since the only existing with a painting as reference, so the texture may different than the actual design, I made some changes to them and also nickname them hope you like it 😀

The hovering inferno nicknamed Blaze brute

The blaze brute, is a much much more stronger version of the regular blaze as mention by jeb, this mobs can summon shockwave to knock you back this mob spawn on nether fortress with a 4 normal blaze as a group it spawn somewhat rare in the nether

The monster of depths ocean nicknamed the barnacle

The barnacle, is a hostile and buffed version of squid, the barnacle make the ocean more hostile it’s fast and terrifying the barnacle can grab you and pull you closer to it and it can also blind you when you got attacked by it, it’s spawn generally in deep ocean but can also spawn in smaller pocket of water such as river

The great hunger nicknamed chomper

Chomper aka the great hunger may be small but the use is nowhere near it’s size, not only it can pickup item like fox, but it can also disenchant your enchanted book it spawn rarely in the overworld


2020 mob vote


Iceologer is an illager member who roams the ice cold mountain waiting for a less fortunate traveller they found wandering the mountains, they will shoot a huge snow block to attack you


The much yellow brother of mooshroom, but unlike mooshroom it carried dandelion instead of mushroom, it spawn naturally in flower forest


2021 mob vote

Copper golem

A golem made from copper, copper golem can be summoned by placing the copper block summon on top of copper block “sorry it not an individual block like iron golem summoning, 

copper golem will oxidize over time until eventually until the 4th phase where it will become fully oxidized and become solid(block) and I also want to apologize I still don’t know how to make the copper golem become a Redstone randomizer as of now


Glare the azalea or moss or grass? Kind of mob not only look cool but also useful by punching it, (don’t worry the glare will regenerate) it will light up the area it’s spawn rarely in the overworld

That’s it for now, some of the features may be missing but ones I figured how to replicate the feature I will add it in future updates, and I also planned to expand it as an expansion with new biome, structure, items and more in the next update

creator: Astrokylo1

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