Lucky Blocks Addon | Add Luck-based Prizes to Your Minecraft World!

Have you ever wanted to have fun breaking some questionable blocks in Minecraft? Well I have the perfect add-on for you. Introducing TheBombBard’s Lucky Blocks! With thirteen new luck-based blocks, you will never run out of options.



If you haven’t heard of lucky blocks before, they were originally a Minecraft Java mod that allowed the player to craft and test their luck by breaking a new block. My version for Minecraft Bedrock adds thirteen instead of one, and they might need a little explaining.

The Lucky Blocks

The blocks all share one-hundred different outcomes from being broken, and fall into three different sections: progressive, outright, and weighted. I shall explain below.


The most “normal” section of the lucky blocks, these progressively get luckier as you use a rarer material.

Dirt -> Wood -> Stone -> Iron -> Gold -> Diamond

Here are the crafting recipes:


These blocks only allow one side of the outcomes to be chosen when broken.

Coal = Bad, Netherite = Good

Here are the recipes:


These blocks can have every outcome, but are heavily weighted to drop a more specific group of outcomes.

Emerald = Villager outcomes, Redstone = Redstone outcomes, Lapis = Enchanting outcomes, 

Copper = Equipment outcomes, and Amethyst = 1.17 block outcomes

Here are the recipes:


I don’t want to spoil them here, so you will have to find all one-hundred out for yourself, but as a little tease, here is a picture of the aftermath of one of my testing worlds while making this:

(not everything is shown in this picture, like at all lol)


You can get these blocks in creative by typing “/function give_lucky_blocks”

Enable all of the Experimental Features on your world to ensure this works

You can use these in your own maps, just make sure to credit me somewhere 🙂


Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@TheBombardYT) for future updates and add-ons!


Open the .mcaddon into Minecraft to install



By aadhu

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