Maces And Flails

This addon adds two new type of weapon to Minecraft Maces and Flails. These weapons are based off the maces and flails from Minecraft dungeons. This addon adds a new variant of the mace for each ore.



Maces and Flails adds new weapon called Maces and Flails these New weapons are based off the weapons from Minecraft dungeons but adding new variants and crafting recipe for each ore.


Maces are a new type of weapon based off of the ones in Minecraft dungeons making these new weapons feel more like they belong in real Minecraft.

There are New crafting recipes for each new weapon and weapon variant

Mace attack damage:

Wooden Mace: 6 Attack damage

Stone Mace: 7 attack damage 

Iron Mace: 8 attack damage 

Diamond Mace: 9 attack damage

Netherite Mace:10 attack damage 


Flails also know as chain maces are based off the ones in Minecraft dungeons to make them feel like they fit in more. These maces are faster and do more damage then normal maces.

Flails have there own new crafting recipes too for each ore variant.

Flail attack damage:

Wooden Flail: 7 attack damage 

Stone Flail: 8 attack damage

Iron Flail: 9 attack damage 

Diamond Flail: 10 attack damage

Netherite Flail 11 attack damage


Do Not copy and post this on other website!

Do Not make your own link for this addon!

You may make YouTube videos of this addon and use it on your realms and worlds 

Known bugs

  1. when holding weapon you gain and extra  hart

  2. missing golden mace and flail 

  3. normal maces don’t slow you down and flails don’t have a faster attack speed.


Added a new more Secure link and update link Target page, added new files for verification, fixed link.




By aadhu

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