Magic Invisible Crystal for Armor and Swords 3.0.7

This simple addon contains all the invisible armor and swords with a new material which is the mineral magic crystal. This addon is already finished but I will bring more invisible combat objects such as the bow and the trident. and hopefully and you like the addon.


As the above mentioned, the addon will contain invisible armor, or to deceive your friends or you just want your skin to be seen with protection, because this is the correct addon, any material can be combined with this magnificent mineral, “magic Crystal” that will appear in more new caves for version 1.18, the block of this mineral will leave an item that is the “magic crystal” material or it will leave the block, and if you leave it, it is only to leave it again and break it equally, the material will shine about 2 blocks so you can tell quickly.

a more visible image so you know the texture of this mineral.

The armor is 0% visible to other players and to you just like the swords, only that the armor if it is seen in your inventory as an item and the sword is not, it will look like an empty square, but it is only camouflaged.

Now how do you get the material to make them invisible, because once you have chopped the mineral in your mines, it will give you half of the “magic Crystal” mineral and it can be put together on the creation table to make the complete mineral.
(just do it the way it appears in the image so as not to have any errors)

Now you will have an almost complete mineral, now you just need to put it in the oven and it can melt quickly and make the mineral or ingot that is needed to make the armor and weapons invisible.

This way you will have the mineral already at 100% to function in your armor, and all armor is available to make them invisible.

and these are all the Minecraft base/vanilla designs out there.

now the creations are simple and the same is implied in all, but here something special. When you make them invisible, they will be increased by 200 or 100 more durability like the swords so it is convenient to make them invisible and their repair will be with the invisible mineral and its base mineral of the armor or sword. 

Now the danger is that the enchantments on your backs or vanilla armor will not be passed to this addon, it is the only negative side that there is in the addon.

the creations are as follows from the armor.

“Leather armor”

“Mesh armor”

“Gold armor”

“Iron armor”

“Diamond armor”


“Netherite armor”

the explanation of the swords may be a little difficult but I will try to explain it as well as possible, The weapons have the same damage but 200 or 300 more durability, the texture will be completely invisible so in your inventory not even the players will be able to see them, the texture is completely invisible, and the negative is also that the enchantments cannot be transferred.

Maybe they look as if it does not load the texture but it is like that with swords

“Wooden sword”
(1 more damage was increased)

“Stone sword”


“Gold sword”


“Iron sword”


“Diamond sword”


“Netherite sword”

And this will be completely this small and simple accessories for your survival or minigames, if you have any questions or there is an error let me know in the comments. (If I do not understand much, it is that English is not my primary language) 

Thanks for the download.



The installation is simple, the add-on will be mcaddon and it is to be opened and Minecraft will open automatically or you can select it, and if it does not work for you, just rename the .mcaddon to .zip to be able to extract and have folders and do it manually. Thank you

creator: superlegna7013


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Hello, in which layer is the mineral in survival?

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