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Bedrock Magic Pearls


Magic Pearls

Do you want to be smaller or taller than usually? You can do that and much more with the Add-on “Magic Pearls”. This Magic pearls will give you powers like water breathing, fire resistance, more speed / life / jump, and change your tall.

Simple pearls:

This add-on adds 11 type of simple magic pearls, this 11 magic pearls gives you only 1 effect.

Bedrock Magic Pearls

The disponible effects are the next:

  • Water Breathing
  • Fire resistance
  • Night vision
  • Jump boost
  • Speed boost
  • Slow falling
  • Health boost
  • Smaller
  • Giant
  • Fast mining
  • Stronger

Each pearl gives you the effect that its name indicates, like that:

The night vision pearl gives you Night vision.

Bedrock Magic Pearls

The Smaller pearl makes you smaller.

Bedrock Magic Pearls

The giant pearl makes you taller.

Bedrock Magic Pearls

Mixed pearls:

The mixed pearls gives you effects of more than 1 pearl and more amplified, you can craft this pearls by mixing them, for example, you can combine the pearl of strong, life, speed, giant and fast mining and create the “Giant max pearl”

Bedrock Magic Pearls

Crafting the pearls:

For crafting the magic pearls, you will need a “Magic pearl”, and the magic pearl can be crafted with the next recipe:

Bedrock Magic Pearls

Now, with the “Magic pearl”, you can craft the Magic pearls with their respective crafting recipes, you can see their crafting recipes on the crafting table on the section “equipment”.

Bedrock Magic Pearls
Bedrock Magic Pearls

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL4MwcU2lPleLscpVlBLMlg


I have changed the download links because the previous ones were suspicious


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