Introducing Bedrock Magic Pot, the revolutionary botany pot to make all your planting dreams come true! Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced green thumbnail, this pot has you covered. Utilizing the latest advancements in technology, this lightweight and durable pot is designed for growth and success.

With its 100% natural clay composite, water evaporates through a terra-cotta pot, creating an ideal environment where your seeds can flourish with minimal effort. And, since the Bedrock Magic Pot is 100% biodegradable, you can count on a healthy and eco-friendly environment for the plants.

Furthermore, its unique silicone air-ventilated design increases gas exchange, prevents root rot, and helps maintain an oxygen-rich environment no matter the soil type. Best of all, its air-ventilated mechanism keeps the soil temperature steady and evenly distributed, so even the most delicate of plants can thrive with minimal water, fertilizer, and time inputs.

Finally, with its widened drainage hole, it is easy to regulate the water level, encouraging the elimination of toxic salts and avoiding any unhealthy chemical buildup in the soil.

From hobbyists to experts, from terrariums to vast gardens, the Bedrock Magic Pot makes gardening a joy both for your plants and for you. Try it today and let the magic begin!

Magic Pot (Botany Pot)


Are you tired of cutting trees or farming? I’m so bored. I present this add-on it can save your time in cutting trees or farming. You can also afk it to auto-grow. So you have time to do other things while it’s growing, such as mining, building houses, building farm animals. And there is also a feature that allows Hopper to send items into chests as well.

What’s the difference between Magic Pot and Botany Pot?

Magic Pot and Botany Pot are one but with new name and better quality add-ons.


Did you copied the addon from MKH_ ?

No, I didn’t copy because MKH_ is me now. I would like to start over with more quality addons.

This add-on is inspired by the Botany Pot mod for PC. It was created by Darkhaxdev on Curseforge.


Main Contents



In version 1.0.0, it will still support only Minecraft game. Other add-ons will be added after the owner of the add-on allows.

How it work?

I recommend placing the pot on the hopper or not on the hopper. Next put the blocks that will grow the plants such as dirt, grass (sand, clay and more will be added later as well) and the plants you want to grow such as Sprouts, Wheat Seeds, etc.


What is Sprouts?

Sprouts is new item it can craft by using saplings and Sprouts can craft back into Saplings to.

Sprouts will change textures in the next update.


Pot Recipes

Currently there is only one color. Other colors will be added if there are many requests.


Growth Time (Growth time may change with each update.)

All Sapling > 120s (2 min)

Beetroot > 30s

Carrot > 30s

Melon , Pumpkin > 60s (1 min)

Potato > 30s

Sweet Berries > 30s

Wheat > 30s



No need to use farmland anymore, can grow wheat or others by using dirt or grass.

You can also use bone meal to make it grow faster.

 Animation while growing.  [Comment by Agentbx from Botany Pot V2.4 (Sky Orchard)]


If you found bug please comment in this link [Report]

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