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Bedrock Magic Stones Reborn v1 – by Megatitanio

Magic Stones Reborn v1 – by Megatitanio


Hello, I have re-created Add-ons since I got a new PC with which I have better performance. I bring you a new Add-on or rather a Rework of my old Magic Stones Add-on, this Rework is still under development, which means that it is still lacking in content. But if you like this Add-on I will continue to develop it with new content updates, also remember to write any bugs you find.

How to activate the Add-on:

Remember to activate the experimental options for the operation of the Add-on.

Also remember to have activated the Resource Pack and the Behavior Pack, or else the Add-on will not work.

Magic Stones Reborn v1:

Welcome to Magic Stones Reborn, to begin with, this Add-on adds 5 Variants of Magic Stones at the moment, if the Add-on receives updates there may be new stones, you will have to eat these Magic Stones in order to use their powers.




  • Regeneration Stone – applies Regeneration


  • Speed Stone – applies Speed


  • Strength Stone – applies Strength 


  • Divumite Stone – Summon Shields that will follow you and increase your resistance.


  • Atholitus Stone – Summon Eyes that will spin around you and slow enemies around you.

Mobs and Structures

Also this Add-on adds new mobs, each one of them you will find in their respective structures.


  • Regeneration Living Stone
  1. Hp – 20
  2. Atk – 5
  3. Regeneration Effect




  • Speed Living Stone
  1. Hp – 20
  2. Atk – 5
  3. Speed Effect




  • Strength Living Stone
  1. Hp – 20
  2. Atk – 4 + Strength 1
  3. Speed Effect



Each living stone will drop its respective gem along with other useful items.

Living Stone Drops:

  • Gems:
  • The gems are necessary for the creation of the Magic Stones.


  • Sockets:
  • Sockets are used to upgrade Magic Stones, they are quite rare to get, the Golden Socket is the most common of them and the Emerald Socket is the rarest.
  • Magic Powder:
  • Magic Powder is necessary for the creation of Stone Fragments, which is a component that is used to create Empty Stones.
  • Voiddus:
  • It is one of the orbs of the origin of creation, it is a super rare object to obtain, it is a component for creating the Void Generator Machine.
  • Gems Bundle:
  • It is a bag with many gems inside, open it using right click.


The Gems Bundle can give you any gem in the game.



  • Common Gems:
  1. Regeneration Gem
  2. Speed Gem
  3. Strength Gem
  • Uncommon Gems:
  1. Divumite Gem
  • Rare Gems:
  1. Atholitus Gem

A feature of the Gems Bundle is that it can give you the only gems that are obtainable from the Living Stone, the unobtainable gems are the Divumite Gem and the Atholitus Gem.

Magic Stones Crafting


To create the Magic Stones you will first need the Jelwery Table, with it you can access all the crafting that this Add-on adds.

Remember that to get the Divumite Gem you will need a Gems Bundle and be lucky that they can drop you a divumite gem.


Stone Fragments:

Empty Stone:

Magic Stone:

Also to upgrade gems you need to use this same crafting table.

Magic Stone Upgrades:



  1. Golden Socket Tier 1
  2. Diamond Socket Tier 2
  3. Emerald Socket Tier 3

The only Magic Stones that are not upgradable are Divumite Stone and Atholitus Stone.

Divumite Stone:

Atholitus Stone:

Void Generator Machine:


The Void Generator Machine is a block that has a unique function, after a short random period of time, this block will charge up and change its appearance.

When using it by right clicking it, it will give you a random item that adds this Add-on.

Craft Recipe:


  • The only complicated thing about this crafting is getting the Voiddus.

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