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Bedrock Magical Weapons Addon 1.19+

The Bedrock Magical Weapons addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+ is an exciting new feature that will add an entirely new level of depth and excitement to the game. This addon allows players to craft powerful and unique magical weapons, giving them another way to fight back the hostile mobs that threaten their progress in the game. The weapons come in many different varieties, and are assigned to different tiers. Players can upgrade these weapons as they progress, adding greater power and control over their foes in the game.

Each magical weapon is designed with amazing visuals and stunning effects, making them look like they belong in a magical world. Players can choose from various fire and ice spells, magical shields, and other forms of defense. Plus, the weapons become more powerful and more difficult to craft the higher their tier is.

The Bedrock Magical Weapons addon also contains multiple challenges for players to tackle, each one offering unique rewards and experiences. With rewards ranging from powerful enchantments to exotic materials, players will have plenty of incentive to try out these challenges on their adventures. Plus, with special events and dungeons to explore, players will never get bored of exploring the different levels of magical combat.

Overall, the Bedrock Magical Weapons addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+ is an exciting addition that adds an extra layer of depth and challenge to the game. With its unique weapons, remarkable visual effects, and challenging dungeons, players can look forward to a truly captivating experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Magical Weapons Addon 1.19+


This addon combines some of my previous weapons addons into one! Making them 18 in total! Trample your foes and kill them with haste! Conduct strategies from the abilities of the new weapons you got!


Thunder Bow 

Dmg – 15

Cooldown – 0.1 seconds

Skill – Summons lightning upon the impact of the projectile

Effect – Fire Resistance 2 seconds on impact of the projectile 

Has durability and can be repaired with Diamonds

Has infinite bullets

Crafting Recipe


Thunder Trident

Dmg – 12


Skill – Summons lightning on impact

Effect – Fire Resistance 2 seconds on impact

This just replaces the normal trident, making it more powerful and having the ability to strike lightning without any requirements

Drowneds also throws this type of trident though so be careful

Also made it craftable

Crafting Recipe


Thunder Sword (The most powerful of them all)

Dmg – 14

Skill – Strikes lightning upon entities within 10 block radius and explodes with end crystals

Effect – Speed is multiplied by 1.2 when on hand and grants few seconds of Resistance  when skill is used

Enchantable – Yes

Durability – 4000

Repair Items – Beacon(4000)

Crafting Recipe 




Wither Wand 

Dmg – 9

Cooldown (seconds) – 0.3

Effect ( 5 seconds on impact to enemy) – Wither 

Repairable with – Netherite ingot

Air Wand 

 Dmg – 8

Cooldown – 1.5

Effect – Levitation 

Repairable with – Phantom Membrane 

Painful Wand 

Dmg – 12

Cooldown – 0.3

Effect – Harming 

Repairable with – Fermented spider eye

Frozen Wand 

Dmg – 14 (Harder to make so has to be stronger)


Cooldown – 0.3

Effect – Slowness II 

Repairable with – Blue Ice

Poisonous Wand 

Dmg – 8

Cooldown – 0.2

Effect – Poison II 

Repairable with – Poisonous potato

Fire Wand 

Dmg – 10

Cooldown – 5

Effect – Explodes through time on ground 

Repairable with – Blaze rod

Healing Wand (Projectile)

Damage – 0

Cooldown – 5 seconds

Effect – Instant Health

Crafting Recipe 



Strength Wand

Damage – 6

Durability – 3000

Cooldown – 60 seconds (1 min.)

Effect – Strength II on all players for 25 seconds within the radius of 5 upon skill casting 

Can be repaired with – Netherite Ingot, Netherite Scrap

Crafting Recipe 

Regeneration Wand

Damage – 5

Durability – 3000

Cooldown – 60 seconds (1min.)

Effect – Regeneration II on all players for 20 seconds within the radius of 5 upon skill casting 

Can be repaired with – Netherite Ingot, Netherite Scrap

Crafting Recipe 



Blood Scythe

Dmg – 10

Durability – 2000

Skill – Lifesteal

Ability – 60 seconds Regeneration III

Ability Cooldown – 100 seconds

Cand be repaired with – Red Emerald

                         – Blood Scythe


Freezing Dagger

Dmg – 8

Durability – 1000

Skill – Slowness to nearby entities for 4 seconds

Ability – Stops all entity movements within 10 block radius for 10 seconds

Ability Cooldown – 80 seconds

Can be repaired with – Blue Ice

                         – Freezing Dagger


Heating Mace

Dmg – 13

Durability – 2000

Skill – None

Ability – Shoots large fireballs

Ability Cooldown – 1 second

Can be repaired with – Blaze Rod

                        – Heating Mace


Heavy Scythe

Dmg – 15

Durability – 2000

Skill – Instant Damage on nearby entities (Heals Undead Mobs, not good against undead)

Ability – Deals 25 damage (Not instant damage) on maximum of 3 entities within radius of 10 blocks (Bypasses armor and kills entities instantly if they have health lower than 25)

Ability Cooldown – 50 seconds

Can be repaired with – Netherite Ingot

                        – Heavy Scythe


Thornful Spear

Dmg – 10

Durability – 2000

Skill – Poison nearby entities (Doesn’t affect undead mobs, dunno why)

Ability – Summons evocation fang under every entity within 10 block radius

Ability Cooldown – 10 seconds

Can be repaired with – Twisting Vines

                          – Thornful Spear


Wither Axe

Dmg – 14

Durability – 3000

Skill – Withers nearby entities

       – Immune to wither effect when on          hand

Ability – Shoots dangerous wither skulls

Ability Cooldown – 3 seconds


Blood Scythe 

Freezing Dagger 

Heating Mace 

Heavy Scythe 

Thornful Spear 

Wither Axe 

Next Up are 9 new gems that you can equip offhand and grant you effects that lasts indefinitely.


Breathing Gem

-Water Breathing


Fire Resistance Gem

-Fire Resistance


Haste Gem

-Haste IV


Health Jewel

-Health Boost IV


Leap Gem

-Jump Boost IV


Resistance Gem

-Resistance II


Speed Gem

-Speed II


Strength Gem

-Strength II


Vision Gem

-Night Vision

Lastly and the most important of all is the new ore! This Addon adds a new ore called Red Emerald that generates underground from y-29 and below! 

It can be used to craft these new items or you can just keep them and pop them when your health is low! And will instantly heal 8 HP.

It’s quite rare but easier to find than diamonds! Though they rarely stack.



Here are the Video documentations for all these combined addons!




creator: https://twitter.com/ZussmanKlint                 


Once you downloaded the files just click them and open it to Minecraft!



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