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Bedrock Magicraft Spictra V2

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Bedrock Magicraft Spictra V2, the newest device from Bedrock. This highly anticipated product is a powerful tool for streamlining production and creating efficient systems in any industry.

Bedrock Magicraft Spictra V2 is a streamlined and convenient tool for a variety of tasks. With its versatile operating system, the Spictra V2 can be integrated into any environment to create an automated workflow. There is also an extensive library of specialized applications available for its use.

The product features an intuitive and user friendly design that is easy to use and understand. The hardware components are lightweight and mobile, allowing for a more intensive use of the platform to keep up with changes in production systems. Additionally, the device has been built with safety protocols in mind to ensure that it will not malfunction or operate incorrectly.

The Spictra V2 is a cost effective solution for businesses of any size. It is designed to be both accessible and affordable so that all users can benefit from its advanced capabilities. This will help improve the efficiency of production operations, resulting in increased revenue and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Overall, the Bedrock Magicraft Spictra V2 is a revolutionary product that is sure to revolutionize industrial production. With its easy to understand interface, specialized applications and cost effective nature, the Spictra V2 is the perfect tool for streamlining production and maximizing efficiency.

Magicraft Spictra V2


Magicraft is a vanilla styled addon that adds new magical items and weapons and mystical creatures, this addon is so balanced and is good for survival minecraft players since it’s very balanced in what it offers



Let’s start with the mobs:

The inferno:

This nether boss can use it’s shield like plates to block attacks while charging, or to attack all surrounding mobs by spreading and spinning them, when attacked, it will launch a burst that damage non monster nearby mobs!, it shoots fire balls that deal area burst damage upon impact, when killed, it will drop it’s crown jewel, the inferno ember.


The behemoth:


This ravager like mob will sometimes spawn with piglins, it is slow and has alot of hp, the two tusks allow this mob to reach melee attckers before they reach it, it deals good attack damage and a higher knockback, when spotting a target, it will roar and grant all nearby piglins with strength and other nearby mobs with weakness, it drops scraps of an ancient material called ancient gold.

The revenant:

This beast is found in the soul sand valley, it shoots slowing fireballs from it’s ribcage and then chase and bits the slowed target!, when it’s hp are halfed it enters an empowered mode, it’s attack and speed will increase and it will emit soul roars to defend itself,it will return to normal after 30 seconds, it drops soul essence, however, killing it in empowered mode will make it drop more xp and increase the chance of it dropping a soul essence.

The crusher:

This small annoying mob spawns in groups in the basalt deltas, it rolls towards it’s target like a meteor by closing it’s shell, it will block attacks when the shell is closed, it drops fragments of it’s hard shell which can be smelted to raw iron or rarely netherite scraps!.

The warped beetle:

This mob spawns in the warped forest, they are neutral, when agitated they will flyband sting with poison!, they drop glowstone dust and ender pearls, but sometimes it drops a warped pearl instead of ender pearls, which is the same as ender pearls but can travel in a straight line!, taming them with warped fungus will result in a larva, feed the larva glowberries and they will drop glowstone dust.

The phoenix:

These mobs will spawn in the crimson forest and nether wasteland, they are tameable, and will shoot fire shots at targets, they are very weak to water, when a tamed phoenix die, it drops its ash, throwing the ash in campfires will turn the ash into a new phoenix!, throwing it in a soul campfire will turn it to a new soul varient!!

The nightmare:

This boss can be spawned by interacting with an altar in the end, it has ranged attack where it shoots powerful projectiles that deal area knockback, and a melee attack where it charges at targets will great speed, it drops its heart upon death.

 the endermoth:

These cute mobs will spawn in the end, they are friendly but are strong when attcked, the shoot poisonus eggs that hach to endermites, they drop their shell which can be crafted to an elytra, they can be fed with chorus fruits and when full, they can fill glass bottles with poison for you!.

The spinal serpent:

This mob spawns in the swamps, it’s slow on the surface, it will shoot poison shots and chase targets, but underwater it’s fast, it will bite it’s target and run in the foggy water only to attack from somewhere else, its bite is poisonus and attacking it with a melee weapon will poison you!, it drops venom shards.

The wraith:

This mob spawns in deep overworld caves, it summon ghostfire skulls around it’s target, which will deal magical area damage after a short time, they will drop ghostfire embers.

The frost charger:

This mob will spawn in cold bioms, it’s horns are covered in shards of solid ice, when it chrges the ice spikes will deal great damage and slowness effect but will also break, thy can grow back if the charger is in a cold biome, they are tamable with any golden food, and they may drop their horns when killed.


The locket:

This mob will spawn in deep overworld caves, it is tamable with glow berries and has 27 storage slot, it’s eyes are dyiable with any dye color, and it will also start shivering if the area is dark enough for monsters to spawn, but it is so scared of any monster it will run when seeing one.

I also updated the phantom:

Now they are faster and will fly lower, they will attack more often, and now they are made from pure darkness, meaning that they will wither away if exposed long enough to any good light source.


Now the weapons:


Fire staff:

This staff uses glowstone dust as ammo, it shoots fireballs that deal area damage upon impact, having magma cream in your hotbar will make the shots more powerful.

Ender breath staff:

His staff uses dragon breath as ammo, it’s shots are fast and powerful and deal area knockback upon impact, having amethyst shards in your hotbar will make the staff shoot 3 shots in different directions at the cost of one.

The amethyst staff: 


This staff uses amethyst shards as ammo, it will shoot 3 shards in different directions at the cost of one.


Soul dagger:

This dagger will inflict slowness to the target, but if the user has 4 hearts or less left it will inflict the wither effect and a stronger slowness effect.

Venom dagger:

This dagger will inflict poison to non undead mobs and the fatal poison effect for undead mobs but for shorter time.

The ancient golden waraxe:

Thisbweapon will drop 2 xp from monsters when attacking them, and it can make a sweep attack that will deal damage and high knockback to all mobs in the users hit range.

The frost scythe:

This weapon will inflict slowness, it can do a sweep attack that heavily damages target in the users hit range and slow them down.

ender boomerang:

This weapon is throwable, it deals damage and when it hits an entity or a block, it will return to it’s user, and it will grab ll items it comes across with it.

The evocation wand:


This wand can summon a line of evocation fangs in the direction the user is looking, or  circle if the user is sneaking, the user must be on the ground for the wand to activate.

The ender wand:

This wand can create altars if sneaking (takes 2 durability), or teleport the user to the altar (takes 1 durability), there are 4 altar types currently, and each wand controls the altar of the same color, when making a new altar the old altar of the same color will despawn, it has 20 durability.

Ghostfire skulls:

These throwables will make a magical area dmage upon impact, undead mobs will take less damage from it.

Echo horn:

This horn can make supersonic waves that can go through entities and blocks, but is a mid ranged weapon.

Ancient golden horn:

This horn can play an attack tone that gives nearby players strength, or a defence tone that gives them resistance but for double the durability.

The ancient golden armor set:

This set has the defence of diamonds and has half the knockback resistance of netherite, and will protect you from piglins and behemoths, if you have the full set on, you will have an extra 2 hearts!.

Now totems:

Totem of shielding:


This totem gives the user fire resistance and resistance for a short time, can be used 15 times only.

Totem of levitation:

When used it will grant the user with levitation and slow falling(takes 3 durability), but if the user it gliding, it will boost their speed greatly for a short time (takes 1 durability), it has 42 durability.

Totem of adaptation:

This totem gives the user effect depending on their situation when using it:

-water breathing if the user is in water (takes 2 durability)

-fire resistance if the user is on fire (takes 2 durability)

-slow falling if the user in mid air (takes 3 durability)

-night vision if the user is in overworld at night (takes 1 durability)

Multiple conditions can grant multiple effects, it has 24 durability.

Soul amulet:

It can be used 3 times before recharge, it will give the user regeneration and absorption, but if the user has less than 4 hearts left, the effects of the amulet will be amplified.

Special properties:

Dragon scales and all items crafted from them have no gravity.


All items made from ancient gold have more enchantability than regular gold and have a higher than iron durability.

creator: SPICTRA


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