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Bedrock Magnum Swords

Magnum Swords

Magnum Swords is an addon which adds more swords and weapons to your game. These swords will be a lot more beautiful and stronger than the usual swords and you will get to see a lot of verities. These are more designed and powerful swords which make your game more attractive. These weapons will help you in your survival to kill the zombies.



‣Magnum Swords are the swords which are very strong and powerful. This addon will add more swords, axes and weapons to your game. These swords vary from each other and have their own damages. These swords are stronger than the usual swords. Like, you can literally kill mobs easily with the help of these swords as they give damage between 12-17.

‣You can just become powerful by having magnum swords.These swords will kill mobs in less time than the usual swords. These swords are really helpful. Also, their crafting recipes are very simple.

‣These swords are strong and dangerous. They will help you to fight and defeat powerful bosses like wither and ender dragon. Just go and download them. 

creator: Marvis M.


‣Just don’t forget to enable the experimental gameplay. Otherwise the addon may or may not work.


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