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Bedrock Mail & Messages | Instant Delivery of Anything, to Anyone, Anytime

Mail & Messages | Instant Delivery of Anything, to Anyone, Anytime

This addon changes the way players can interact, and transact on servers and realms. When this addon is enabled, it allows players to set a mailbox, which can be used to trade items, have private communications, or leave messages for players when they aren’t logged on.


To use the addon:

– Create a world (modify an existing one)

– Add the resource pack and the behavior pack.

– Experimental Features are NOT required.

– Upon logging into the world, you will see a spawn egg in your inventory.  

– This egg should be used wherever you decide is best, but you cannot move your mail/delivery box once it’s set.  

– To send items, place them in the barrel

– Select a receiver from the toggle switches on the front of the mailbox

– Press the black button to send the items.  

– The items will be removed from your box and added to the receiver’s box.

** You can only send to one other box at a time (this is because it would become an item duplicator if you could)

** There are 5 pre-configured mailboxes that can be created with a spawn egg.  The first 5 people to join the world will receive an egg.  

** If  you have a larger, more active server, consider setting the mailboxes in common areas where multiple people can access a box.

There is a more thorough explanation and demonstration in the included video.

*** I provide these addons, free of charge, and without an annoying ad-wall (linkvertise, adfly, etc).  In return, I only ask that if you enjoy the addons, to please visit my YouTube channel (you can click on the embedded video) and like the content or subscribe to the channel if you feel like it’s worth it.  Thanks.


creator: TheMCD912


Just add the packs to  your new or existing world.  No experimental features are required and the addon is compatible with other addons.


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