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Welcome to the best and most complete Bedrock Manhunt Addon! A maximum of 2 Speedrunners aim to kill the Ender Dragon whilst a maximum of 3 Hunters try to stop them from beating Minecraft.

This Addon will include:

  • Compass to track the Runner(s)
  • Track the Runner(s) in the Nether
  • Set Hunter(s’) spawn point by standing on beds
  • Many Advancements 

Runner tracker

The compass will track the Runner, and switch its tracking target every 10 seconds to the other Runner if there are 2 Runners. 

As the compass fails to work in the Nether, we have instead implemented a system where the Runner(s’) coordinates are displayed every 10 seconds in the chat, given that both the Runner(s)’ and at least one of the Hunters are in the Nether.

Spawnpoints (Hunter)

DO NOT SLEEP IN THE BED!!! Instead, to set your spawnpoint, stand on the bed for at least one second! (Do not stand on the edge) 



We have created 21 reliable advancements:

  • Stone Age
  • Getting An Upgrade
  • Acquire Hardware
  • Suit Up
  • Hot Stuff
  • Isn’t It Iron Pick
  • Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Diamonds!
  • Cover Me with Diamonds
  • We Need to Go Deeper
  • Hidden in the Depths
  • Those Were the Days
  • A Terrible Fortress
  • Into Fire
  • Who is Cutting Onions
  • Spooky Scary Skeleton
  • Cover Me with Debris
  • Light as Rabbit
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Eye Spy
  • The End?




  1. Click the Download here! button
  2. Click to confirm you’re not a robot
  3. Scroll down and click Free Access With Ads
  4. Turn off your Adblocker
  5. Complete the task (Discover articles) by clicking on one of the articles
  6. Click Continue to Download
  7. Download the link in MediaFire


  1. Go to file explorer and click the ManhuntB.mcpack file
  2. Create a new world – change default player permissions to operator, enable cheats, go to Behaviour Packs and activate Man Hunt Pack, and turn spectator mode on in Experiments.
  3. Once you are in the game, do /function start 
  4. Go to the settings area and select your role
  5. Set custom world spawn using the diamond block – (default is at 0,0)
  6. Go back to lobby and click the start button to start your manhunt!

creator: https://twitter.com/@Sam_Agueroooo  



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