Manhunt Compass Pro | Works In All Dimensions!

Have you ever wanted to try a manhunt with your friends, but found out no one had made a fully working manhunt compass for Minecraft Bedrock? Well, that sad story ends now. Introducing: Manhunt Compass Pro


How to Begin the Manhunt

First you will need to assign who is the speed-runner and who is the hunter(s). To do this, simply find the “Choose” blocks in the creative menu under the construction tab, and place down one speed-runner block, one remove block, and one (or more depending on how many you have) hunter block.

Jumping onto one of these blocks will assign you as that role. Jumping onto the Remove Block will take all roles away from you.

You should have at least one speed-runner and one hunter before you begin. Once ready, break the blocks, and you can start whenever you want, but make sure you keep reading to know how the other stuff works!

 The Hunter’s Compass

This item replaces the original default compass. This compass is used by all hunters. To use it, hold it in your hand and right-click/use it. This will cycle it between all of it’s modes: Track speed-runner, Track Overworld Nether Portal, Track Nether Nether Portal, Track End Portal, and Disabled/off.

At the start you can only track the speed-runner, but as the game goes on, the other options will become trackable!

Instead of the compass item texture itself moving to point towards your target, instead a new “compass-bar” will be shown above your hotbar and health. Looking around will change what direction you are facing, and the @ symbol is the target you are tracking.

Here is a video showing this:

The Speed-Runner’s Portal Marker

This item doesn’t “have” to be used if you don’t want it, but it allows the hunter’s to track the portals the speed-runner has used to travel between dimensions, to make it easier to track him down.

This item can only be used by the speed-runner, and he should start with it (he must be given it from creative, etc.).

Right-click/use-ing the Portal Marker will cycle it between the portal choices. Once the speed-runner cycles to the correct portal, he should mark it by sneaking/crouching, then right-click/use-ing the item after cycling to the correct choice.

The speed-runner should mark the “overworld nether portal” when he first makes a nether portal and is about to enter it.

The speed-runner should mark the “nether nether portal” when he goes to leave the nether through a nether portal.

The speed-runner should mark the “end portal” when he activates the end portal and is about to jump through.

Here is a video showing off how to mark the end portal:


The two items can be crafted if lost during the hunt. Here are the recipes:

Other Information

These items/blocks were added to make it easier for non-keyboard users to use this add-on

The hunter’s compass is given back to a hunter whenever they respawn

The speed-runner can replace a marker infinite times, as every time you place a marker it deletes any prior markers of the same name

The hunter’s compass can break when traveling through dimensions, but this can be easily fixed by simply re-cycling/turning-off-and-on-again your compass


Make sure to enable the experimental features on your world to ensure this add-on works

Feel free to use this add-on for your own videos, just make sure to credit me somewhere please 🙂

I tried my best to mark the code with plenty of comments to help people understand how it works

If you link someone to this add-on, please link them to this webpage and not any other links/downloads 🙂


Feel free to follow me on twitter(@TheBombardYT) for future updates/releases! 🙂


Download and open the .mcaddon into Minecraft



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