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Many Structures Addon


Welcome to my structures addon, here you will find several types of different structures to explore in your minecraft, all of them designed to improve your world and make it more fun.

The addon will bring in its first version more than 15 different structures for your minecraft as will be shown in the description, it is still in the development phase so it will probably have some bugs but this will be fixed in the next updates.

Added first the version with the oak structures and some stone and a table so they are still only in the biomes that have the oak tree or plains and mountains. Some will only be entered on the plains.

Soon the pack of specific structures for different minecraft biomes will be added if you like this one. Each structure has its rarity to appear and some are more difficult.


Trees (4/4)


Amethyst and Honey Altar



Battle Tower


Battle House






Frog and Hobbit House


House prison


Pole and Scarecrow


Tree house




creator: Winniee 



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