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Bedrock Maps, but in 3D | Holographic map #2022

Maps, but in 3D | Holographic map #2022

It’s 2022, no one is still using a flat map  right?

Brand new 3D holographic map

Loot your House by New Perspective.

The mysterious power from the East.

This is a functional preview version, but for various reasons, when you actually see this Add-on, the official version 2.0 has already started testing and finishing, the official version 2.0 has already started testing and finishing


Close cartography_table to display Holographic map#


This is a test pack

Many planned functions have not yet been actually loaded

Some blocks will not display properly, don’t worry, they will be supported in the future.


Enter the following in the chat bar to display 3D holographic map










For example, enter “..c1” or “..b2”

Commands ending in 3 are a test for your device. Cool but time-consuming.



I hadn’t noticed this before, and it was a real problem.


Please turn on 『GameTest』

But in the future 1.18.10 and later versions, it may need to be updated.

PS:Some functions may be very dependent on high performance devices 

This is the preview version, the release will be more imagination. 

creator: -云梦梦梦子- Dream Lord


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